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Because of fund transfer, I did not buy since I missed the low price chance. I’ve got more than 15 years of experience in financial investment. A break of either the support or resistance will put bitcoin in a very precarious position. I’m Jue sheng qian li( which means win thousands of miles away). We are on a very aggressive growth path and, on a macro-scale, one that has has shown a consistent trend of testing the upper curve prior to correction litecoin trend analysis. From May 1st, people who have been keeping an eye on his forecasts on Bitcoin trend have evaded losses from slump and taken more or less profit. Before and after the day 12th and 20th of June, I kept reminding of selling short at around $115 litecoin trend analysis. And, as stated above, that would send a very strong macro bearish signal to traders and investors as this marks a breakdown of the 2-year long trend. Similarly, the lower support is around $5,800. Also, I told all the investors in Tencent QQ Group to sell. However, in an effort to remain objective, it’s important to present the not-so-obvious argument and state the consequences of a disruption of this macro bull market. This is a very strong bull market and it it should not be underestimated. Standing at $100 has become a strong resistance.

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Bitcoin’s Parabolic Envelope Could Push to $8000s OPINION Bitcoin Price Analysis: Bitcoin’s Parabolic Envelope Could Push to $8000s Bitcoin has had a quite a year thus far, to say the least. com/796COM, July 1st (GMT+8) Bitcoin market movement outlook: From the 4-hour chart, the current correction price is relatively weak. If you guys like and trust him, I’ll open a thread here on behalf of him focusing on Bitcoin movement so that you may earn more. If bitcoin breaks the upper, parabolic resistance trend and manages to find support on the trendline, this could signal an entirely new bull market. This analysis is for informational purposes and should not be considered investment advice. However, if bitcoin breaks the lower support, this would send a very, very bearish signal to traders, indicating a breakdown of the 2-year long bull market. I bought at $102 on June 8th and then transferred to BTCCHINA to perform arbitrage. From May 1st, 2013, I have been offering Bitcoin price analysis for free. On May 24th, when Bitcoin price stands at $125 of the interim area, I bought more than 2,000 Bitcoins at the price of $128 to do short-term on Mt. Given the trend we have seen over the last two years, it would not be at all surprising to see a test of the $8,000s before any sort of market correction (micro or macro) takes place. On May 3rd, I said to the investor in QQ Group that they could buy at around $80-$85. I’m happy to share my forecast with Bitcoin funs from all over the world. And this is from July 2nd blog: We could see that the Bitcoin price has been way down beginning from BTC-China and then Mt.

Figure 2: BTC-USD, 1-Day candles, Retests of Previous All-time Highs Throughout the life of this parabolic run, bitcoin has shown a penchant for retests during market pullbacks. It is important to look out for sudden power of selling short when buying long has not effectively shown. On July 1st, I posted in microblog: From the 4-hour chart, the current correction price is relatively weak.Gas.
. Trading and investing in digital assets like bitcoin and ether is highly speculative and comes with many risks. If there is no powerful buy orders to pull the price back to $100 above in a short time, a lot of people will begin to sell. The upper boundary of the parabolic curve could have bitcoin testing the $8,000s. Also, I indicated that there was no need to sell at a loss when it was under $100, while bounces could be expected. Past performance is not necessar Bitcoin market trend analysis- so far the most reliable through 2-month test Author One more time did the blogger offer users the accurate Bitcoin movements yesterday. It is also approaching the $80-$85 target range which he mentioned in his blog(see the above). PS: the blogger is my boss and he is also called “ghost trader” in China. It is an exchange that is completely different from any other ones. .Binance Coin.


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